European Dialogues is designed to promulgate reflection and debate between and among citizens of all ages, disciplines, ethnicities and beliefs. Ultimately, creating a space that welcomes and interchanges ideas, a space where citizens have a voice. And we want to hear it. Each month, local and international experts come together with interested citizens to consider and reconsider the European reality. The reflection and the debate do not begin or end with these encounters.

During each session of the European Dialogues, two distinct and diverse participants, some present and others participating virtually through live streaming, are invited to redact a blog, a culmination of their own opinions and reflections of the debate. These opinions are what make up the e-Dialogues.

Such an exercise cannot be reduced to a single place or time. Accordingly, if you would like to share your own thoughts and opinions, please email us: info@europeandialogues.eu.


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