The violation of human rights by multinationals, in the second of the European Dialogues

Antonio Vitorino, ex European Commissioner for Justice, will open this second dialogue.

The event will include analysis of case studies such as the Prestige oil spill and collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh.

The Globernance Institute, San Sebastian 2016 and the San Telmo Museumpresent the second session of European Dialogues, a DSS2016EU cultural programme project, in collaboration with the Challenges area of the San Telmo Museum, where it began in 2014. The European Dialogues, conferences in open, participatory format that analyse the most immediate challenges faced by the EU will, on this occasion, share a programme with the project headed by Globernance, Human Rights in Business.

This second dialogue, more extensive in format, will run on February 19 and 20at the Museum, attended by prestigious professionals who will address the violation of human rights and international trade from a multidisciplinary point of view. To do this, they will be accompanied by experts from the worlds of law, business and civil society, who will contribute their knowledge in the shape of specific cases. These case studies will include the Prestige oil spill and collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh, where 1,138 people lost their lives.

In this respect, the Dialogues will reflect on access to justice in cases of human rights violations by multinationals in and outside of the EU, corporate obligations, the effectiveness of non-legal mechanisms and arbitration, in addition to the part played by civil society in cases of human rights violations.

Participate using social media

In keeping with the open, free and participatory nature of the talks, citizens will have the opportunity to submit their questions for the speakers prior to the event using Twitter [@EUdialogues] or Facebook [European Dialogues].


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